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Welcome, to a new kind of living experience

It may be as simple as realizing you would like a relaxed visit, or that you have a need to rent a dwelling for a while, before taking an apartment.

It could be for work in the area where at today's gasoline prices, or with a wish to enjoy the local week-ends in a sunny and temperate beach town, you prefer another way to live, than to commute.

What you would like is a compact and medium-term place to stay, where you can cook, take care of yourself simply, and have the privacy of your own room.

You would naturally like it to be in a friendly and quiet place, to rest, and to relax.

Constant Inn, in Imperial Beach, can be that place.

For a businessperson, or a traveler...and both

You would like your needs to be answered for living in a location over a time, rather than from a hotel room.

You will find the kitchen is steps away; while your own desk, the internet, and business necessities are ready when you are, as is television with film channels, when you simply want to relax an hour.

The ocean district is a five minute walk. There are restaurants, the long beach to explore, surfers, and also the waves, which you can hear from home as a quiet presence in any evening.

Transit arrives every 20 minutes, for shopping and a trolley into San Diego and the area.

Breezes gentle the climate, and the persons in this coastal town.

To see more of what it's like to stay here, please go on to our Lodging page...